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5 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Consuming Beetroot

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Think Twice Before Consuming Beetroot

Beets are the root vegetables. It has impressive nutritional content and provides essential vitamins, minerals, and iron. Additionally, beetroot promotes health, addresses iron deficiency, enhances heart health, and boosts athletic performance. People consume it in the form of juice or pair it with salads.

But have you ever wondered about the side effects of that refreshing glass of beetroot juice or beet salads you enjoy?

Because the excessive consumption of beetroot can result in adverse effects. 

Let’s discuss those side effects.

Who Should Avoid Beetroot?

Who Should Avoid Beetroot

As per the research, people with some medical conditions should avoid beetroot. Let’s discuss it in detail.

1. Low Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure might benefit from beetroot. However, people sensitive to blood pressure should consult their doctor before consuming this vegetable because beetroot has a high nitrate content. 

This compound converts into nitric oxide in our body, which is responsible for improved blood flow, and an increased amount of nitric oxide may widen the blood vessels, which allows the blood to flow more easily. 

Although this effect may benefit people with normal or high blood pressure, people who are sensitive to or consume it in large amounts may experience a drop in blood pressure.

2. Kidney Stones

Beetroot is a nutritious vegetable, but it contains oxalates. These are the compounds that can form kidney stones. Oxalates can bind with calcium in the kidneys, which forms crystals that may eventually develop into kidney stones. 

Also, moderate beetroot consumption is generally considered safe for most people; however,  those prone to kidney stones may need to monitor their oxalate intake. 

3. Liver Damage

Overeating beetroot could harm your liver, especially if you have conditions related to metal accumulation. Studies show that excess intake may lead to the buildup of metal ions in the liver.

So, you must be cautious about how much beetroot you consume to keep your liver healthy.

4. People With Low Metabolism

Consuming beetroot can lead to pink or red urine, known as beeturia. It happens due to the presence of betalain (Betalains are red and yellow pigments found in various parts of the beetroot, such as the roots and leaves).

When you eat beets, these pigments can be absorbed into the bloodstream and excreted through the urine. This colour change is usually harmless and temporary.

5. Allergic Reaction

Beetroot can cause allergic reactions in some people due to proteins in the vegetable. Additionally, contact with raw beetroot can also lead to skin irritation or allergic contact dermatitis. You may also feel itching, swelling, or difficulty breathing. Also, people who may have a history of allergies may avoid beetroot.

As we wrap up, Beetroot juice is a popular choice for a healthy diet, but it’s necessary to be aware of potential side effects. Kidney problems and liver damage are among the major concerns with its consumption because beetroot is rich in oxalates, which can bind with calcium and lead to kidney stone formation. 

However, this doesn’t mean you should altogether avoid this nutritious food that’s packed with iron and vitamins. Instead, enjoy it in moderation and stay aware of its side effects.

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