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Effective Home Remedies to Lower Your Sugar Levels

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Is your blood sugar level too high? Do you want to get it back to normal without depending on prescription medications?

Fortunately, several natural home remedies can help bring your blood sugar levels back to normal. These natural home remedies will lower blood sugar levels without causing any adverse side effects, unlike the drugs prescribed by many doctors.

Here are effective home remedies to lower your sugar levels naturally.

1) Fenugreek

Fenugreek is an Indian herb that is often used in cooking, but it can also be used to lower your blood sugar levels.

A fenugreek seed extract has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels, which may help with diabetes symptoms. It contains a compound called 4-hydroxy isoleucine (4-HIE), which helps stimulate the pancreas and protect against pancreatic dysfunction.

In a study done on rats at the University of Guelph, 4-HIE was found to decrease glucose levels by inhibiting the enzyme alpha-amylase and by stimulating insulin production.

The study showed that rats given 4-HIE had better insulin sensitivity and were less likely than control rats to develop type 2 diabetes.

2) Bitter Gourd/Karela

Though bitter gourd is a well-known and popular ayurvedic remedy, it has been found that the same properties that make it helpful for lowering blood sugar can also irritate the digestive tract if taken in too large of an amount.

For this reason, you should never eat more than one small piece per day. Bitter gourd can be prepared in several different ways:

  • cut into chunks and boiled for about 10 minutes;
  • boiled with salt;
  • boiled with coconut oil and cumin seeds;
  • peeled, chopped, and fried in oil until soft.

In addition to reducing your sugar levels, this versatile vegetable can help detoxify your body, balance out the doshas (Vata, pitta, and Kapha), and heal ulcers and infections of the stomach and intestines.

3) Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices on the planet. It’s used in a variety of dishes, beverages, and desserts because of its appealing taste and aroma.

People use it for culinary purposes, as well as in traditional medicine, where it has been used for centuries.

Cinnamon is also an effective home remedy for lowering your sugar levels. Studies show that cinnamon can help control blood sugar levels and reduce fasting blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes patients.

You’ll need to take approximately 1 teaspoon per day mixed with food or drink, or you can sprinkle it on cereal or oatmeal.

Avoid using more than 3 teaspoons per day, as too much cinnamon can cause nausea or vomiting. You may also want to speak with your doctor before starting this treatment regimen since there are interactions with medications like Coumadin (warfarin) or aspirin.

4) Vitamin C

Vitamin C may help your body use insulin more effectively, helping lower your blood sugar levels. The recommended daily intake of Vitamin C is at least 75 milligrams per day.

Foods rich in vitamin C include citrus fruits, cantaloupe, strawberries, broccoli, and potatoes. Other sources of vitamin c include some juices and vegetables like peppers and tomatoes.

All produce that contains vitamin C should be consumed raw or uncooked for the most benefits.

5) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that has been used in medicine and cooking for centuries. Its gel, which is often used as an ingredient in topical creams and lotions, can also be consumed as a home remedy for lowering sugar levels.

Aloe Vera contains several antioxidants called polyphenols that have been shown to help lower blood sugar levels.

To use aloe vera gel as a home remedy for lowering your sugar levels, simply consume one tablespoon of the aloe vera gel once or twice per day with any meal.

You can also drink fresh aloe vera juice by pureeing the leaves until they are liquidized and then straining out the pulp with a cheesecloth before drinking it.

6) Amla or Indian Gooseberry

Amla is a rich source of vitamin C and also has high amounts of calcium, potassium, iron, and protein. It is considered an anti-inflammatory food with antioxidant properties.

Amla helps maintain the health of your skin, hair, and teeth as well as promotes healthy weight management.

A study published in 2012 found that amla fruit extract helped lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes by 23% after four weeks.

Drink one tablespoon of amla juice mixed with 1/4 cup of water, three times a day before meals for best results.

7) Drumsticks or Moringa

Drumsticks or Moringa leaves are a healthy option for anyone looking for a natural home remedy. Drumsticks are rich in antioxidants and have been used by many cultures as an effective treatment for diabetes.

This vegetable is also rich in flavonoids, which help with the production of insulin and can be effective at lowering blood sugar levels.

The moringa tree can also be used as a natural way to lower your sugar levels because it is high in nutrients that help regulate blood glucose levels, such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Moringa has been found to contain nearly twice the amount of protein than other popular vegetables like carrots and spinach!

If you’re looking for another home remedy to try out, consider adding this nutrient-dense plant to your diet today!

8) Spinach

Spinach is a common and effective home remedy for high sugar levels. One serving of spinach can have the same effect as taking two servings of Metformin, which is a medication used to control diabetes.

Spinach also has an abundance of vitamin K, which helps in blood clotting and regulates blood sugar levels. Adding more leafy greens like spinach into your diet can help lower your sugar levels.

If you are not a big fan of eating raw spinach, try cooking it with other vegetables or boiling it down with a small amount of water.

You will still get the nutrients while lowering your intake of calories. In addition, spinach contains nitrates that help boost energy levels and fight fatigue. Eating too much salt though may lead to hypertension so make sure you keep track of how much sodium you consume daily.

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9) Drink Cranberry Juice or eat cranberries

Cranberry juice and cranberries are great options for people who want a low-sugar, high-fiber drink. They can be consumed as is, or mixed in with your favorite fruit and vegetable juice.

Cranberries are also an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese, which can help regulate blood sugar levels.

If you choose to mix them into another juice, just make sure that the other fruit or vegetable juices don’t have any added sugars.

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