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Every Different Parenting Styles in Psychology Explained

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parenting styles in psychology

Parenting is a part of life, and everyone has a unique style of making their kids grow up. Every parent is different and they do what is required to raise their kid’s upbringing to a certain level that would make them intellectual and successful in life. Let us discuss the crucial parenting styles in psychology that will make your child grow in the best way:

Styles of Parenting in Psychology

Permissive Parenting Style

It is a style of parenting where the parents want to give love to their babies and expect them to open up in front of them with ease. They act like they are the best friends of their children and give them full freedom to live their life, choose their favorite career or love partner, and have the flexibility to travel on their own.

Yeah, they teach them important life lessons, but they do not force their kids to a particular matter. It is seen that many parents force their kids to choose the career stream that is safe and arrange marriage modules, as they believe in their morals and ethics before anything else. This somehow affects the kids, as they are bound to do a thing they are not at all interested in. This hinders their growth.

However, despite so many positives, this style of parenting has some negatives to it, too. Your children will take advantage of all the freedom you have given to them. He will eat as many candies as he can, which will not only ruin his teeth but also his health. So, it’s good to be permissive but with certain limits.

Neglecting Parenting Style

Another parenting style in psychology is related to the negligence of a child by his parents. This style of parenting is like the permissive parenting style. Sometimes parents have a “do not care” attitude and they just fulfill the needs of the children but do not give them time in life. On the other hand, some parents just give them full freedom and do not interfere with their lifestyle and live in other cities or nations.

Thus, the child feels unimportant and he may get into crime because no one is there to show him the right path. This style of parenting is often not recommended and parents must maintain a balance between freedom and control.

Attachment Parenting Style

This type of parenting style in psychology is referred to when the parents are raising their children and are emotionally attached to them since their birth. Some of the common attachment gestures include sleeping in the same room where the child sleeps, involving in their highs and lows, breastfeeding them at an early age, and more.

This type of parenting style will also be harmful to the overall growth of the offspring because a child might prefer to move to another city for further education or career-related goals and he might wish to live alone and focus on himself but his parents might not allow him to get along alone as they are attached with him. Thus, the child might have to study with them and may not get what he desires in life.

Authoritarian Parenting Style

It is the common style that we can find in the 90s and in the present era. When the parent is forcefully making the child take decisions about his love life or career, then it’s known as the authoritarian parenting style. It’s the style where parents take charge of the child’s life and the child has to follow, no matter what.

This type of parent and child relationship is not fruitful at most times because the youngster might get offended by their boundaries on freedom. They may not feel confident in pursuing their favorite career and their hidden talent might get wasted, as they know their parents will not approve of it. They might even develop a behavior of bullying someone when they turn a teenager as they have seen all this through their lives from their parents.


Hope you liked the different parenting styles in psychology. No matter what parenting style you are adopting, you must have a mix of control and freedom towards your child to grow him or her in life. For more such blogs, keep following the site.

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