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How to Improve Your Poor Sleep Hygiene?

2 Mins read
poor sleeping

Sleep is essential for keeping the human body in the right shape not only mentally but also physically too. A bad sleep routine can spoil your sleep cycle and make you affected with poor sleep hygiene that will disturb your day-to-day routines like office timings, workout timings, food timings, and breakfast timings.

Bad sleep is often incomplete during the day, and your work will hamper you a lot. Today, we are about to discuss improving this poor sleep routine. Let us see what we can do about this:

Top Reasons for People Feeling Tired – Poor Sleep Hygiene

As per experts, people feel tired because of their lack of focus on the regular things in life and accepting behavior that is more towards the late-night party culture. Metro cities’ youth is inclined more toward the late-night parties that run from evening to midnight till 12 am or 3 am and this clearly hampers their sleep routines.

These youngsters even eat fast food, which also keeps them away from a healthy lifestyle that makes them tired, as they do not get a lot of nutrients in their bodies that they require. Alcohol and caffeine are also some reasons that make them sleepless and raise poor sleep hygiene in their life, which brings a lot of diseases to their life.

It’s always recommended that you develop healthy eating habits, sleep habits, and steadiness in both habits can lead to success and pleasant experiences.

Major Signs of Poor Sleep Hygiene

There are many signs of poor sleep that can spoil your life and these are:

Forgetfulness, lack of motivation, decreased libido, irritability, poor concentration, lack of consistency, frequent sleep disturbances, excessive daytime sleepiness, low mood, moodiness, delayed sleep onset, and more.

Best Way to Improve the Poor Sleep Hygiene

  • Improve Your Wakeup Habits

Promoting sleep patterns can never be completed without improving wake-up habits. You should always try to sleep in between 10 pm to 12 am in the night as waking more than this time period can make you wake up for long period and therefore you will fall asleep late and thus you will wake up late and your daily routine tasks like shower, toilet, breakfast and dressing up will also be late.

  • Consume Sunlight Once Every Day

High-quality sleep will also be gained upon improving poor sleep hygiene if you take sunlight every day. It can help you regulate the circadian rhythm. It is seen that people who take natural light in the morning and consume less light in the evening or night are the ones that are blessed with good quality sleep.

  • Exercise Regularly

Regular exercising is beneficial for health and for sleep. Exercise raises the body temperature that drops after your exercises and it encourages the body to sleep. Also, try to exercise in the morning schedule as this improves the sleep routine.

  • Say No to Alcohol of High Quality at Night

Alcohol may not bother some people to sleep but it can disrupt some people’s sleep later at night. It’s best that you avoid consuming alcohol in the evening so that you get on-time sleep.

  • Avoid Caffeine in the Evening

Drinking caffeine can hamper your quality of sleep if you consume it after the evening, as it wakes your senses all day long. It gives you energy, and that is the negative point of it that hampers your sleep. 

It’s best to avoid caffeine-based drinks like coffee, energy drinks, cigarettes, and more when you want to have quality sleep.

Get Regular Updates Now!

It’s best to have a routine that is great to live a healthy life. That is what you can get after improving your poor sleep hygiene. Keep following our blogs to get similar updates about a healthy lifestyle. We update regular blogs on health every day that will encourage you to do better in life.

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