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How to Overcome Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms?

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borderline personality disorder

Disorders are a part of human life and these happen when a mutation alters your genes or when your genes are not well. These disorders make a major impact on your lives out of your lives and mostly it’s a bad impact.

Disorders have many types and borderline personality disorder symptoms are one of them that is a mental disorder that affects the way you think and feels about others. Let us find out what it is and how to overcome it.

What is a Borderline Personality Disorder?

It is a mental chaos that not only fluctuates the mood of the person but also raises instability in interpersonal relationships and impulsivity. Because of this, you suffer emotional swings that turn from good moods to bad ones, hamper your relationships, make you self-doubt, and get you emotional in life.

However, it is not a topic of discouragement, as many people have overcome borderline personality disorder symptoms with their age.

Top Symptoms of the Borderline Personality Disorder

As the disorder affects your personality where you are not in control of yourself and you try to criticize yourself and others with no concern, these are the fear that you can have with yourself.

Common Symptoms are:

  • Fear of losing someone and going to extreme situations to avoid real or imagined separation.
  • Doubting the partner and blaming him or her for a poor relationship. Overall, the relationship gets into an intense fight, and the blame game is on both ends.
  • Demotivating oneself and frequently shifting life and career goals. The person also blames himself for not being worthy of his entire career.
  • Other borderline personality disorder symptoms include the moment of paranoia where a person loses contact with reality and this lasts from minutes to a few hours.
  • The person shows risky behavior and starts doing things that are risky like having unsafe sex, drug abuse, gambling, careless driving, quitting a job, or ending a fruitful relationship, etc.
  • Mood swings can last for a few minutes to hours and the feeling of shame, intense happiness, and irritation is a part of one’s life.
  • Turning into verbal and physical fights by losing the temper and having intense anger is a part of this disorder.
  • Feeling oneself empty in life.

Way to Diagnose the Borderline Personality Disorder

Most healthcare providers only diagnose the person who is showing borderline personality disorder symptoms until he reaches the age of 18. It is constantly recommended that you take the services of an authentic clinic to treat this type of disease because he is the only one that will take care of all your worries.

Often people get the treatment of their loved ones when they are in depression or anxiety that may arise because of a failed relationship or an unpleasant experience in their career.

However, a good and licensed physiatrist is always there to solve your problem of mental illness.

He will ask about your medical history, family’s medical past, and mental illness that occurred in your body over a period.

They also take support from your friends to know more about you so they can get you in the best mental health you always desired.

These are the following therapies that this physiatrist gives you to treat your borderline personality disorder symptoms:

  • Dialectical behavior remedy helps you accept the changes in your life. This therapy teaches you to control your emotions and reduce self-guilty experiences.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you understand how your thoughts affect your actions. You will learn to gather positive thoughts and unlearn the negative ones.

Final Thoughts

You can simply reduce the effects of Borderline Personality Disorder’s negative thoughts and turn yourself into a positive person with the help of therapies. For more crucial information like this, follow our health blogs.

We post regular health-related blogs that will bring a positive change in your life in terms of eating, sleeping and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Follow us today!

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