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Narcissistic Mother – What it is and How to Handle It?

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narcissistic mother and daughter

Mothers are an integral part of the universe, not because they help us grow in our early childhood days, but also in nurturing us throughout our thick and thinning of life. While most mothers are wonderful but sometimes there are the ones that are wrong or the entities that fail to raise their children in the best way.

Thus, the bad ones are narcissistic mothers. Let us know about them, what they are and how to handle them.

Narcissistic Mother – What They Are?

A narcissistic mother is self-sacrificing. The one that sacrifices herself for her son and never thinks about herself. She is also the type of woman who wants attention and is involved in every decision in her life. This type of mother will be too much involved in an adult’s life and will interfere in her son’s decisions. E.g., the type of dress he should wear, the type of marriage he should do, and the type of weight he should carry for a healthy body.

This type of mother is not concerned about her son’s feelings and feels aloof when you are a little angry about her wrong behavior towards you. So, it’s tough to tackle the narcissistic mother as she is full of issues.

Signs of a Narcissistic Mother

  • She will take advantage of others to achieve what they need.
  • She will consider that she is special and should be given extra attention over other guests at the party.
  • She will over-elaborate her achievements like what she did for her kids and how successful she is in her career and more.
  • She will demand that everyone must praise her. If not everyone, then at least her kids and the in-laws of her kids must admire her.
  • She will think that others are rude towards her and she will have thoughts that people do not trust her or like her.
  • She will have a lack of empathy.
  • She will have fantasies of power, brilliance, and success all the time.
  • She will always have the attitude of a person looking for special treatment wherever she goes.
  • She will have an arrogant attitude.

How to Handle the Narcissistic Mother?

Naracissist mom and child

Walk Away

Yeah, it is the only way that you can try to lessen the burden of your life. This type of mother will only abuse and will keep on doing violent things, but being a responsible son or daughter who wants to focus on life goals, is the best decision you can take for your welfare.

Take Counselors’ Help

If you are not ready to walk away from a narcissistic mother, then taking the help of a counselor should be your ideal take to tackle this issue. These counselors have years of experience in dealing with people like this and they can understand your mother’s mindset and the challenges she throws at you and will give you the advice that will help deal with the issue.

Keep Things As It Is

If you do not want to stay under the burden of your mom’s behavior toward you and your family. Let her do what she wishes to do. Yeah, it is the maddest move you can choose from the above but you can try it on.

It is the step that is crucial for you, as letting go helps occasionally. All you need to do is not focus on what she says and still take your decisions in life. Do not take her permission before you work. Instead, just follow your path and still treat her with love.


It’s tough to live with a narcissistic mother, but sometimes she needs you as well. There will be a time when she will get old and her health would be weak and she would be hospitalized. Being a wonderful son, you can take care of her at that moment. But for now, get care of your life goals so that her personality does not disturb you. That is the thing you can try.

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