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Top Cottage Cheese Benefits One Must Know for a Healthy Eating

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cottage cheese eating

Healthy foods are all good as they are great for achieving good health. One variety of Cheese is helpful in making your health good and it’s cottage cheese. It is an excellent source of minerals and calcium that are helpful for maintaining bone health, tooth, and preventing osteoporosis. 

There are many cottage cheese benefits, like regulating blood pressure and preventing cancer. Let us find out about them:

Cottage Cheese – What is it?

It is a soft and white food item that is delicious to eat and can be used with some other food items. The cheese never undergoes the aging process like other cheese that is done so to develop a flavor. Thus, the cheese offers you a mild flavor compared to the aged cheeses.

This cheese is made of curd of pasteurized cow’s milk that is made of regular milk, reduced fat, and non-fat. One can buy it in several varieties like whipped, creamed, reduced sodium, lactose-free, and sodium-free versions. 

Cottage Cheese Benefits – In Terms of Nutrients

The nutrient values of the cottage cheese will all depend on the milk fat used and the sodium amount used in it. A single cup of low-fat cheese will give you:

Carbs: 6.2 grams, Fat: 2.3 grams, Calories: 163, Protein: 28 grams, Phosphorus: 24% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI), Vitamin B12: 59% of the RDI, Sodium: 30% of the RDI, Selenium: 37% of the RDI, Calcium: 11% of the RDI, Riboflavin: 29% of the RDI, Folate: 7% of the RDI.

The cheese also contains Copper, Zinc, Vitamin B6, and Choline nutrients other than the above nutrients. Cottage cheese containing low sodium content is thus a great point for having good health. 

Therefore, humans will not have high blood pressure, which often raises the risk of heart disease.

Top Benefits of Cottage Cheese for Health

cottage cheese benefits
  • Helpful for Diabetes

    One of the cottage cheese benefits is the treatment of diabetes. This type of cheese is great for maintaining your diabetes to a great extent, as it has the protein content that helps you fight diabetes. It also has calcium and vitamin D, which is again a significant source that is great for treating diabetes. 

    It is seen in recent studies that women who are consuming cheese will have 33% fewer chances of suffering from diabetes.

    • Bone Strengthening

    The presence of calcium in cottage cheese makes it a favorite for those who care about bone health. It is also good for osteoporosis treatment and boosts phosphorus intake. It creates hydroxyapatite, a mineral that is great for your bone health.

    • Fights Cancer

    Cottage cheese is great for the diets that are given to cancer patients. Here, the combination of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil is used to treat cancer. The mix of sulfur protein, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, vitamin B, and more suffices to prevent digestive cancer in the human body.

    • Reduces Heart Disease

    Excessive homocysteine in the body can cause heart issues and other neurological issues that can be prevented easily with the consumption of cottage cheese because it contains Vitamin B12, which reduces the excess levels of homocysteine.

    • Great for Building the Body

    Cottage cheese eating benefits those who are in love with bodybuilding. Many of us go to the gym and do exercises without consuming protein and get it from just food. Eating cottage cheese will be a great way to get the protein, as it has the casein protein that digests slowly and offers a steady supply to your body with amino acids.

    It is best to take the cheese before going to bed because it gives you muscle repair and provides you with enough protein your body needs.

    Final Note

    I hope, you know the cottage cheese benefits. Eating the right food can make a lot of difference in your health and turn it into a great one. We help you with what to eat on a regular basis through our blogs. Keep reading for more information.

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