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Understanding Leptin Resistance And Obesity in an Easy Way

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Understanding Leptin resistance & obesity

Maintaining your weight is always the need of the hour for any individual and hormones play a crucial role in it. Leptin is one such hormone that is discharged by your body that maintains weight over a long-term basis.

It is related to the fat your body has. The resistance of it makes you feel hungry and eat more, even if your body has stored sufficient fats. Let us see about leptin resistance and obesity in more detail:

Leptin – What Is It?

Leptin is basically a type of body fat that is released by your body and helps it maintain a normal weight over a long-term basis. All this happens when the body regulates hunger by giving you the sensation of being full.

Hormones are the essential parts of the body that coordinate diverse functions in your body after carrying the messages through your blood to your organs, tissues, and muscles. So, leptin is an essential part of the body.

What is the Leptin Resistance?

It is a situation when your brain does not respond like it normally would with leptin. Therefore, you do not get the satisfaction of being full. Thus, you get to eat more even when your body stores the fat.

Your brain also saves energy levels and makes you use the fewer calories that are at rest. Leptin resistance and obesity are thus correlated as it affects it and makes you gain additional weight in fat storage form by increasing hunger and decreasing the metabolism.

However, it is seen that scientists are developing medicines to treat leptin resistance.

Things Body Will Feel When Leptins are Higher

body will feel when Leptins are higher

The leptin present in your blood is directly proportional to the amount of body fat that results in obesity, as the levels of leptin get higher. The other conditions can include the issues like nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, depression, food addiction, neurodegenerative disorders, and Rabson-Mendenhall syndrome.

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Top Symptoms of Leptin

Leptin resistance results in the downfall of leptin to downgrade the appetite. It also increases the use of energy your body wants. Thus, you constantly feel hungry and you eat despite having high body fat. Thus, you build up your body fat percentage, and leptin resistance and obesity are thus correlated with each other.

Experience You Get When Leptin is Too Low

Normally it’s rare to have leptin levels that are lower than normal ones. The situation that is associated with the low leptin cells is termed congenital leptin deficiency, which is a genetic condition you are born with and prevents your body fat from producing leptin.

Leptin signals your body that it should not eat much. Without it, you will have uncontrollable hunger and consume food uncontrollably. Therefore, leptin resistance and obesity are common in children.

The disease can also be spread due to frequent bacterial infections, fatty liver disease, hypogonadotropic, hyperinsulinemia, and dyslipidemia.

Ending Note

Leptin is a new topic, and scientists are still working on its treatments. However, no food is recommended to people for increasing the leptin levels in the body. The role of leptin is immense in maintaining a well-balanced body fat as getting fat over the required is always dangerous for the human being.

Obesity leads to plenty of diseases like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, a notable increase in the blood rate, and various others. So, it’s right to have a balanced amount of leptin in the body.

Hope you understood the leptin resistance and obesity correlation using the blog. For the latest information related to the healthy world, you can keep following our blog as we post similar content every day that is resolving all your queries connected to what to eat, the effect of wrong food on your health, common diseases, and everything referred to in the healthy world.

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