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Winter Care For People Having Diabetes

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Winter Care For People Having Diabetes

The winter season is identified by the cold winds blowing and it leaves you wanting to stay indoors under your blankets. While it can have serious impacts on your health, it can impact you more if you are a diabetic. Generally, people having diabetes require extra care on an everyday basis.

When there is a drop in temperature, diabetics are likely to face a spike in their blood glucose levels. Also, staying indoors and not exercising enough during winter can be detrimental for a diabetic person. We have listed a few measures that can help a diabetic person tackle cold weather in a more effective manner.

How Can People Having Diabetes Maintain Their Sugar Levels During Winter?

Follow these easy measures to keep your sugar levels within the controlled range during the winter season –

Eat The Right Diet

Eating right is one of the key elements of diabetes management. You should eat a diet that is rich in fibre and low in carbohydrates. You should also avoid eating sugary and fried foods. Another element of eating right is portion control. You should make sure that you do not overindulge as it can lead to a spike in your sugar levels. 

Don’t Skip Your Workout

The winter season can make you feel lethargic and make you want to skip your workout session. You must not forget that exercising on a regular basis is crucial if you want to keep your sugar levels within the target range. You can also opt for various indoor exercises. Also, do not forget to consult your doctor/ health coach before engaging in heavy workouts.

Avoid Stress

Your stress levels can directly impact your sugar levels. An increase in your stress levels can lead to a spike in your blood glucose levels. You can practice various activities such as yoga, meditation, etc. to keep your stress levels under control.

Regular Sugar Monitoring

Monitoring your blood glucose levels on a regular basis can help you assess the effectiveness of your diabetes treatment. After knowing your sugar level, you can make the right changes after consulting your doctor or health coach.

Skin Care For Diabetics

A diabetic person is more susceptible to skin infections. Being a diabetic, you should avoid having dry skin. You should regularly moisturize your feet, especially your toes. If your skin becomes too dry, you might also get a numbing sensation in your feet. You can also wear diabetic socks that can help you keep your feet warm during the winter season.

Both diabetics and non-diabetics are at risk of developing a cold, cough or fever during the winter season. Make sure that you have the appropriate clothing and prevent the cold winds from getting to you. If you catch a fever, you should immediately consult a doctor. You can also measure your body temperature using the Control D Digital Thermometer. It will give you a quick and accurate result.

If you need any further information on how you can manage your diabetic condition, you should always talk to your doctor or health coach. They will give you the best advice on how you can take care of yourself during the winter season.

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