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10 Surprising Beetroot Benefits in Pregnancy

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Beetroot Benefits in Pregnancy

When you find out you’re pregnant, you start making conscious lifestyle changes, especially in your eating habits. A healthy diet is fundamental to nourish your baby and the energy you need during each trimester. While you may already be following a balanced diet, there might be some foods you need clarification on, and one of them is beetroot. 

If you’re thinking about adding beetroot to your daily meals during pregnancy, this post is for you. Keep reading to get the information you need!

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What are the Beetroot Benefits for Pregnancy?

Beetroot pairs well with a range of dishes, from salads to smoothies. With its distinctive nutritional profile, beetroot stands out as a healthy option for pregnancy. Additionally, if you include beetroot in your pregnancy diet, it can help curb sweet cravings and avoid the consumption of high-calorie foods. 


Beetroot is high in dietary fiber and essential nutrients and is a secure and favorable choice for expectant mothers. 

Following are some additional beetroot benefits for pregnancy.

Beetroot Reduces Birth Defects in Child

Beetroot is high in folic acid, and consuming beetroot in pregnancy reduces the risks of birth defects like spina bifida (which means when the spinal cord does not develop properly). Folic acid is a crucial nutrient during pregnancy. It is responsible for the development of a baby’s nervous system. Thus, including beetroot in the pregnancy diet may contribute to the healthy spine and brain of the baby.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Beetroot has blood-purifying properties. Thus, regular consumption can lower the risk of diseases and infections in the baby. A study revealed that beetroot juice during pregnancy may also help regulate blood pressure and enhance stamina because beetroot contains nitrate, which improves the blood flow to the placenta.

Improves Digestive Health 

Eating beetroot is suitable for your stomach during pregnancy. The essential nutrients in beetroot help make more good bacteria in your belly, which can prevent problems like heartburn or feeling gassy. So, including beetroot in your diet might help your tummy feel better when pregnant.

Supports Fetal Development

Beetroot is good for the baby growing inside you. The folic acid in beetroot helps the baby grow and develop properly. So, eating beetroot can be helpful for the baby’s growth while you’re pregnant.

Beetroot Boosts Immunity

Eating beetroot means protecting your body against infections. The antioxidant properties in beetroot make your protection system stronger. So, when you’re pregnant, having beetroot can help keep you from getting sick by preventing infections and health problems.

Beetroot Supports Liver Health

It contains antioxidants called betacyanins and has detoxifying properties that may support liver function, which improves your overall health during pregnancy.

Prevents Dental Problems

Beets contain silica, which helps the body use copper and magnesium. Also, calcium in beetroots further helps in preventing dental problems during pregnancy.

Improves Your Metabolism

Beetroot is rich in dietary fiber. This fiber stimulates gastrointestinal functions, which boosts metabolism and provides relief from constipation.

Eases Joint Pain and Swelling

Beetroot contains betalain, an anti-inflammatory compound. It helps reduce swelling and joint pain and offers relief during pregnancy.

Reduces the Risk of Pregnancy Anemia

Beetroot is high in iron, which boosts the hemoglobin count in the blood. Incorporating beetroot in your diet can reduce the risk of pregnancy-related anemia.

Besides beetroot’s advantages, you should only partially rely on one vegetable. As we know, balance is key, so you should always consume it within limits and should not altogether avoid other veggies or diets. Instead, consult your doctor for personalized health guidance before incorporating beets into your diet, whether in juice or salad (if you have any health concerns like allergies).

We hope we have answered all your queries. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments below. 

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