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Nightshade Vegetables – Everything from Benefits to Issues

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nightshade vegetables

Numerous vegetables are found on earth but there are certain that are called nightshade vegetables. These are eggplants, paprika, bell peppers, tomatoes, white potatoes, and cayenne peppers.

These vegetables are a part of the Solanaceae plant family and have a poor reputation. There are many species of it and they are deadly too. Some include the mandrake, tobacco, and belladonna. Let us understand the benefits of them and how they are in terms of your health.

Top Benefits You Can Get with the Nightshade Vegetables

There are many benefits of these vegetables. Minerals, fibers and vitamins are a part of them. One must eat a diet that is rich in the minerals and vitamins that will make a powerful effect on the chronic conditions of human-like rheumatoid arthritis. Let us see what benefits you will avail yourself of while having the nutritious nightshades:

  • If we talk bell peppers, they are a prime source of Vitamin A and C, folate, and Potassium. You can easily find this type of nightshade vegetables as they are feasible at the grocery store.
  • If we talk about the other benefit, you need to eat the potato. You can find them through a grocery store and they are accessible in yellow, white, and purple colors and have nutritional values like Vitamin B6, fiber, and vitamin C.
  • Eggplant is another food that gives you a benefit if you eat it on a regular basis. It’s also accessible at the grocery store and enriched with the goodness of Potassium, Fiber, and Vitamin K, B6, and B1.
  • Another nightshade is the one that gives you minerals, and vitamins and this can be got through Tomatoes. You can also get Vitamin K, A, and C from it along with the antioxidant Lycopene which is known for reducing inflammation.

Allergic Issues with the Nightshade Vegetables

Allergic issues are not found in most people when they eat veggies but yes there may be some who are found with the issues like wheezing, constipation, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, eczema flares, runny nose, breathing difficulties, coughing, flushed skin, itchy rashes on dark and light skin and headache palpitations.

Are Nightshade Vegetables Harmful to Autoimmune Diseases?

These herbs are great for obtaining nutrients, but some people think they are not good for the body and must be avoided. They have a substance in themselves known as the Alkaloids that are typically found in the stems and leaves of the nightshades. They are also seen to be a natural source of insect repellent. 

Some people prefer avoiding nightshade vegetables from their diet, as they do not want to be stuck with health issues. As this vegetable-eating habit can increase intestinal permeability, it’s good to avoid them for people suffering from autoimmune diseases.

Does Eliminating the Nightshade Vegetables Worth it?

Eating these nightshades may not be a bad idea in case you are healthy. They have nutrients and offer you significant health benefits. In the process your immune system is not strong, you need to avoid them from your diet.

We advise you to eliminate the nightshade vegetables for a month. Now, after some time, you can include these veggies one at a time and not make many changes in your diet during this time. You should eat the nightshades regularly if you do not get affected by health issues else avoid eating them.


Nightshade vegetables have a plethora of benefits associated with them. However, not everyone should eat them. It all depends from person to person. If you are sensitive to these, there are plenty of other vegetables like radishes, celery, cauliflower, yam, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and some fresh fruits like melon, orange slices, blueberries, and grapes to try.

For more such crucial information on what to eat and what to avoid, keep following the blogs and stay healthy always. Our regular blog uploads will help you select the right food so you live a healthy life in your life.

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